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I have been doing a pretty job at keeping active these last few months. I have been strength training and doing some sort of cardio at least three days a week. But for some reason, this week, I am just spent. On Sunday, I just got distracted and put off lifting weights. On Monday and […]

Here in New England our summer has been….wet and humid. And that equals me feeling like crap. This week particularly, I have felt exhausted and sore. This morning was a pure down pour, so I finally gave up and drove to work instead of taking public transit. It was probably the best thing I could […]

So things got progressively worse, in terms of my cold, after my last post. Lately, it seems like I’m getting sick every three-four months. Ugh. But my chest seems clear now, although I occasionally have some congestion that I think is allergy related. *shakes head* The east coast got a heat wave this weekend and […]