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Sometimes it is hard to feel feminine when you have RA. I listened to a girl at work talk about how she loves to wear high heeled shoes because they make her feel beautiful. All I could think of is how painful that would be. When I chose what I wear I pick whatever is […]

Ups and downs


So I’ve been doing pretty well with exercising. I’ve done some sort of cardio five or six days a week and been strength training. I’ve been kind of sore but I can feel myself getting stronger and I feel positive about that. But my emotional eating seems to be worse. I ate a LOT of […]

So far I have been kicking ass in the exercise department. I have kept up my strength training three days a week for the last two weeks. I have also at least walked for 20 minutes each day and have even biked for up to 60 minutes at least three times this week. I can […]