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Lots of changes


Well this summer has been one of transition. My husband graduated from graduate school, we moved, he recently started a new job and…oh, I got pregnant. The reality of it all hasn’t quite set in. I haven’t posted for a while because it has been a rough couple of weeks and I didn’t want to […]

I can’t believe it has been so long since I posted. Unfortunately, I had some sort of virus and that put me out of commission for a while. I had a fever and had to hold my meds. This meant that my RA flared and then I was in bed because of that instead of […]

Well I just got back from a two day trip to New York City. I decided to go to the taping of the Daily Show after encouragement from friends. The results were…mixed. I asked the show if I could be accommodated, due to my difficulty with standing. They told me to ask for a chair […]

So I’ve been meaning to post for a while, but for some reason I haven’t wanted to blog. Work has been exceptionally busy. I work in a college and the students are back, so there has been lots of chaos. Things are always more exciting when students are here. Our walk went really well. There […]



I’ve been kind of off the radar recently because I’ve had a cold that just won’t quit. Last week it was pretty horrible and I stayed home from work for a day to recharge. It has progressively gotten better, but still over a week later is holding on. And since I’ve held my meds I’m […]

This week is my summer vacation. As it has been termed this year,  it is a “staycation.” So far, it is just what I’ve needed. Plenty of rest and relaxation. Unfortunately, the more I rest the more I want to rest. Thankfully, tomorrow we have plans to get out of the house. I have done […]

I have been doing a pretty job at keeping active these last few months. I have been strength training and doing some sort of cardio at least three days a week. But for some reason, this week, I am just spent. On Sunday, I just got distracted and put off lifting weights. On Monday and […]

Here in New England our summer has been….wet and humid. And that equals me feeling like crap. This week particularly, I have felt exhausted and sore. This morning was a pure down pour, so I finally gave up and drove to work instead of taking public transit. It was probably the best thing I could […]

So two nights ago I had a bit of insomnia. It has been worse, but I was awake for the crucial 2-4am hours, so when I woke up, I felt like I was run over by a truck. Most of the day consisted of me yawning and wishing I could sleep. It was not cool. […]

Feeling fine


So I can tell that my energy is up lately. My Rheumatologist has been pushing me to keep up with my strength training so I have been doing my best. I can already tell that I’m feeling stronger, which is great. Although some things still tire me out. Going to the grocery store requires rest […]