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Another year…


I hope everyone had a nice holiday. I was able to go visit my family in Maine. It was a nice trip, although travel can be exhausting. Things have been going well so far. I have been staying active and trying to get plenty of rest. I’ve started going off my methotrexate to get ready […]

Just had my quarterly appointment with my Rheumatologist. This is my fourth or fifth appointment with her and although I feel much more comfortable with her, I’m just not satisfied. My last Rheumatologist (and her nurse) could actually remember what we last spoke about, knew my history and had an actual relationship with me. Now […]

I watched the Sunday morning news shows like I do a lot of Sunday mornings – This Week, Meet the Press – and the big topic of course is Heath Care. Now I am kind of a politics addict. I watch political TV until it puts me in a rage and often read articles and […]

My grandmother just turned 75 years old a few weeks ago. She has been pretty healthy, but recently her hands have started swelling. She even got to the point where she didn’t reply to my emails because her hands hurt so bad. When I found this out, I immediately told my mother to get her […]

Went to my Rheumatologist on Thursday. The appointment went pretty well. My hands are still a bit swollen, but it was obvious the increase in Methotrexate helped. She told me I could increase it some more, but I decided to wait because the weather has been so rainy here that I think it has made […]

I had a follow up appointment with my Rheumatologist. She said that overall I’m doing well, but I seem to have some ups and downs. She recommends that I go up on my methotrexate. I talked to her about my concerns. I said that my husband and I are planning on trying to conceive in […]

So I went to the podiatrist yesterday. He told me that the node on my foot, was not a node from my arthritis but a bursitis that developed to protect the edge of my foot. He said that when I changed my shoes, I did the best thing I could have done for it. And […]

So this week when I took my Enbrel, I got sick the next day. It was almost like a light switch. Ok one day, next day sick. I thought it was my allergies at first because it came on so fast. But alas, no. I’ve got some kind of cough and am having trouble breathing […]

Back at it


So today I was finally feeling normal and got back on the bike. I’m sure that will be helpful to get my energy and mood stabilized. Looks like I’m going to have to fit in x-rays and a podiatry appointment at some point this week or next. I also realized that I actually had a […]

Feeling better


After a restful day yesterday and a good night sleep last night, I am feeling much better. I still seem to be having some stomach issues, but it isn’t as bad as yesterday. And emotionally I feel better prepared to handle myself. We’re planning on going downtown to meet family for lunch. So in preparation […]