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Another year…


I hope everyone had a nice holiday. I was able to go visit my family in Maine. It was a nice trip, although travel can be exhausting. Things have been going well so far. I have been staying active and trying to get plenty of rest. I’ve started going off my methotrexate to get ready […]

I can’t believe it has been so long since I posted. Unfortunately, I had some sort of virus and that put me out of commission for a while. I had a fever and had to hold my meds. This meant that my RA flared and then I was in bed because of that instead of […]



I’ve been kind of off the radar recently because I’ve had a cold that just won’t quit. Last week it was pretty horrible and I stayed home from work for a day to recharge. It has progressively gotten better, but still over a week later is holding on. And since I’ve held my meds I’m […]

So things got progressively worse, in terms of my cold, after my last post. Lately, it seems like I’m getting sick every three-four months. Ugh. But my chest seems clear now, although I occasionally have some congestion that I think is allergy related. *shakes head* The east coast got a heat wave this weekend and […]

So this week when I took my Enbrel, I got sick the next day. It was almost like a light switch. Ok one day, next day sick. I thought it was my allergies at first because it came on so fast. But alas, no. I’ve got some kind of cough and am having trouble breathing […]