At age 16 I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis. In the following 14 years I have had many ups and downs with this disease, including having two hip replacements by the age of 25. This is disease is a day-to-day struggle for me. For years I’ve tried to keep most of my feelings inside and prove that I can handle it. I think it is about time to get it all out.


10 Responses to “About”

  1. 1 Lisa

    I have rheumatoid arthritis too. I was diagnosed at the age iof 24, 16 years ago. Each day is a challenge and yet I am grateful for any mobility I have.

    I enjoyed reading through your blog and hope you will join us for Invisible Illness Week Sept 14-20. We are in need of guest bloggers and then will also have a 5-day virtual conference w/ 20 speakers. I also just began a new social network called Illness Twitters at htp://www.illnesstwitters.ning.com . Thank you for all you do to help bring more awareness to chroic illness and all that it entails.

  2. 2 incandescentflower

    Thanks for your comment. I appreciate the invitation and will look forward to your event!

  3. I have only just started blogging but have enjoyed yours. We have a similar age of onset and age now. I didn’t get the diagnosis fortunately/unfortunately… I haven’t had any joint replacements but have been through the mill with medications. I am also married, although that official part is just in the last 9 months.

    Stay Strong,
    (Kia Kaha)

    : )

    Moira (from New Zealand)

  4. Just wanted to let you know you won a blog award! I’ve really enjoyed reading your site. Keep up the good writing!



    • 6 incandescentflower

      Thanks Michelle. I’m not sure I have a list of 15 blogs to pass this on to, but I will think on it and try to do so.

  5. 7 julianne kavoussi

    hello Bionic lady.
    Just came across your Blog site.
    Well, well….Same here…I had R.A. diagnosis at 16.
    2 hip replacements at 18…2 knee replacements by 25..
    all along, trying to smile through…took years to “lay it to rest”..
    With all weight baring replaced, had 3 kids…have a wondeful life,
    and did all joints over the last coupleof years….Now 53…I Play golf, piano, harp..
    and I power walk..did have to have 2 right hand finger joints replaced…
    My Kids, my husband, family and friends KNOW by now…I am me.
    Never to be defined by R.A.
    I “set the tone” for my life….R.A. is on back burner..
    still no limp, ankles always have hurt but is just keep going…
    they always loosen up as soon as I getwalking..
    Have never done enbrel..i figure 4 weight baring replaced…
    Love the fact that most people never know I am Bionic….just blend in…
    Reaching across the cyberspace “vibes” with support and strength to you
    in this tough sisterhood.
    Peace…. julianne

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