Lots of changes


Well this summer has been one of transition. My husband graduated from graduate school, we moved, he recently started a new job and…oh, I got pregnant. The reality of it all hasn’t quite set in. I haven’t posted for a while because it has been a rough couple of weeks and I didn’t want to complain about something that I have been wanting so badly. But the fact is, pregnancy is hard work.

We were only trying for a few months so it was a bit of a surprise.  I had been off Methotrexate for about 6 months before and my RA was level, but I still had days when it was bothering me. So I decided to use the Fertility Awareness Method described in the book “Taking Charge of your Fertility”  by Toni Weschler to try to get pregnant as soon as possible. And it worked! It does take some time to learn.  It took me about 6 months to get the hang of it, but I highly recommend using it if you want to get pregnant at certain times. I had many friends who were in their third trimester during the summer and said it was very uncomfortable. I knew with my disease changes that I might already be uncomfortable, so I hoped to avoid that. Unfortunately, the summer heat also intensifies the nausea I am feeling, but I think having the baby in the winter will be much better in the long run.

So yeah, I’ve had A LOT of nausea. I’m at 10 weeks now, which is supposedly the peak of that. I’m hoping that I’m not one of those lucky ladies who have “morning” sickness for all nine months. Cross your fingers!

My RA has been more active. I was doing okay during my first month, but that is because I was taking Enbrel until I had a positive pregnancy test. This was under my Rheumatologist’s advisement. I actually had multiple RA docs say that this is acceptable. My Rheumatologist also told me that I can take Tylenol for pain and that I could either take Prednisone for the inflammation or get Cortisone shots if a particular joint is bothering me. My right knee is a bit more bothersome so I’m considering the shot. I am holding off using Prednisone unless I absolutely have to. I’ve been on it in the past and I didn’t like it. I was resistant to taking Tylenol at first, but now am taking it fairly regularly and that helps a lot. I’m not sure why I was hesitant since the doctor told me it was okay. Paranoia, I suppose.

People keep telling me that women often go intro remission during their third or fourth month. I’m hoping I’m one of those lucky ones, but you never know. So for now, it is taking it day by day and doing the best to take care of myself.

I had many friends who talked about the symptoms of pregnancy, but I never realized how all encompassing it was. It rivals RA as a life swallower. Dealing with both right now is pretty exhausting, but I know it will be worth it. It is just difficult to think that way when I don’t really feel pregnant yet. I’m sure things will change greatly in the next few months.


2 Responses to “Lots of changes”

  1. Congratz on the little bean! Being pregnant isn’t easy, then when you add having RA into the mix, it can be even more difficult. I was also told to stop taking Enbrel by my Rheumatologist when I found out I was pregnant with my kids. My son is the oldest at 4yrs and my daughter is 9 months. Believe it or not, my first pregnancy was worse with my RA pain. I have to say though, I was scared to lose my baby so I really didn’t keep my body active like I should’ve. The pain in my feet was nearly unbearable. I rarely even left our home because I hurt so much. I made it through though. I was told I could take Celebrex up until I believe it was the second trimester, and even that didn’t help much. When I became pregnant with my daughter, I was a lot more active and rarely noticed pain. I did take Tylenol Arthritis a few times. I’m hoping your pregnancy goes smoothly and you get to enjoy it. I think you’re doing a good thing by trying to stay away from the Prednisone. Keep as active as possible and a smile on your face. = )

    • 2 incandescentflower

      Thanks for the advice. It is helpful to know that other women with RA have done this successfully. Some days it is hard to believe. I am doing my best to stay active. I am biking about 3 days a week and trying to get out once a week. I usually have to rest the entire next day, but I think it is worth it. At this point the nausea is just as much a deterrent to exercising as my RA. Hopefully it will settle down soon!

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