Another year…


I hope everyone had a nice holiday. I was able to go visit my family in Maine. It was a nice trip, although travel can be exhausting.

Things have been going well so far. I have been staying active and trying to get plenty of rest. I’ve started going off my methotrexate to get ready to try to get pregnant. I haven’t quite decided when we’ll try because I’m still pretty nervous about how I’m going to handle it. But, my doctor said I need to be off it for three months before so might as well start now.

I still have a few more days of my vacation, which I’m pretty excited about. I will be going to see my RA doc and get my H1N1 vaccine. Whoo hoo! But seriously, I’m glad that I was finally able to get it since I work with college students and germs abound.  I’ve already had my seasonal flu shot and am now going on my third month without getting sick. Knock on wood.  Here’s hoping that keeps up!


One Response to “Another year…”

  1. I have had RA since I was 17….am 55 now. Talk with your doc about taking sulfasalasine during your pregnancy, and even afterwards, during breastfeeding. I was on gold shots when I decided to try to get pregnant the first time. Going off all meds is advisable, but I couldn’t handle it with my third pregnancy. At that time, 1988, there were a couple of studies done in the UK with crohn’s patients, getting pregnant, but staying on their meds with no bad effects to the babies.

    I delivered a bouncing 7#14 oz baby boy….

    Good luck!!

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