The good kind of exhaustion


Well I just got back from a two day trip to New York City. I decided to go to the taping of the Daily Show after encouragement from friends. The results were…mixed. I asked the show if I could be accommodated, due to my difficulty with standing. They told me to ask for a chair when we arrived. However, the doors were not open at that time so I sat on the ground, along with many other people. Once the people from the show came out, about an hour later, I decided to just continue to sit on the ground since we were supposed to be let in shortly. Well, apparently since the Secretary of Homeland Security was the guest, the wait outside was longer than what I was told to expect by friends who had attended the show before.  So by the time I realized how long it would be, the line started moving. Anyway, I should have gotten a chair once I saw someone, but since that was my first time going through the whole experience, I thought the length of the wait was pretty much over.  I was uncomfortable for a while, but not in the same amount of pain I am usually in. This may be because I am in better shape than in past times like these. Considering I spent a lot of time on my feet the day before, it turned out fine. The show itself was okay, but I’m not sure it was worth the amount of wait time involved.

Despite that, I am really glad I took the trip. It showed me I can still do things like this. And we went to an incredibly fun musical, Rock of Ages, the night before.  I took the day off today to recuperate, which I’m also glad I did. I am still pretty sore today and we got back late last night so I was also extremely tired. I don’t think I could do anything like this without a ton of rest afterward.

I could really use a slow week now, but I have a friend visiting this weekend. The next weekend I’m traveling out of state to see my family. Sometimes I wish I knew how to say no. I don’t want to limit myself too much, but at the same time I want to be realistic about how going all the time impacts me.

Again, balance. Always a theme here.


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