More thoughts about doctors


Just had my quarterly appointment with my Rheumatologist. This is my fourth or fifth appointment with her and although I feel much more comfortable with her, I’m just not satisfied.

My last Rheumatologist (and her nurse) could actually remember what we last spoke about, knew my history and had an actual relationship with me. Now maybe that is too much to expect after only seeing someone for a year. I know that they have a lot of patients so it is not easy to remember each of them.

But this week they were going to electronic records and it didn’t even seem like my most recent visit info was available to them. We talked about the same things we always talk about, I had to answer the same questions and my plan until my next visit was exactly the same. It was just irritating. I shouldn’t have to explain every visit that although my RA is minimally active, I have joint damage. Especially after having X-rays that she has already looked at! It was so frustrating. Maybe my last doctor was just amazing and I was spoiled.

Also, in the middle of the first part of my appointment I met a new physicians assistant who remarked that a person at age 25 is too young to get hip replacements (has he worked with RA patients for very long?) and then when he was having trouble figuring out how to put that in the system asked a tech guy to come in and disclosed my medical history to him. Now, I don’t really care about this, but it felt intrusive and it would have been nice if someone had warned me that he needed to disclose this, while I was sitting in the room, to get help. Also, because of this switch over, I had to wait for the doctor about an hour after I was brought in to the examining room. Needless to say, I was a bit cranky by the time I left the appointment.


On the plus side, my doctor said that my exercise routine sounds great and I found out I lost 5 lbs since my last visit. So at least there was that.


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