Rest is just what I needed


This week is my summer vacation. As it has been termed this year,  it is a “staycation.” So far, it is just what I’ve needed. Plenty of rest and relaxation. Unfortunately, the more I rest the more I want to rest. Thankfully, tomorrow we have plans to get out of the house. I have done my best to make plans throughout the week, otherwise I think I would have spent the time off  in my pajamas.

But it gets me to thinking about how RA is so much about extremes. Extreme pain, extreme fatigue, extreme emotions. It sometimes feels like it is all or nothing. Either I’m having a wonderful day or a horrible day.

Finding middle ground. That apparently is a theme for me lately. Usually my theme is “you can’t have too much of a good thing.” I think I need to change it to “moderation is key.”

Here’s to trying!


2 Responses to “Rest is just what I needed”

  1. 1 The Soulful Parent

    That is quite a bit of insight there for all of us: Moderation is key! Thanks fo sharing!

    The Soulful Parent

  2. 2 Ted

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