Falling into a rut


I have been doing a pretty job at keeping active these last few months. I have been strength training and doing some sort of cardio at least three days a week.

But for some reason, this week, I am just spent. On Sunday, I just got distracted and put off lifting weights. On Monday and Tuesday I had no energy to do anything. It felt too hot to walk and when I got home I practically fell asleep. I’m not sure if I’m just ready for vacation, fighting off some sort of cold or what, but I can’t seem to snap out of it.

I’m hoping I’ll feel different when I get home tonight, although I’m pretty much expecting more of the same.  Maybe I need to relax and just give myself a break. So what if I take off a few days from exercise? Well, I get paranoid that a few days will turn into a few weeks and so on and so forth. That leads to me feeling much, much worse. I know I’ve talked about it before, but the balance is just so hard to find sometimes between rest and activity.

On a brighter note, my Arthritis Walk team has raised $430 so far. I also know of some pledges that are getting mailed in, so we are over half way to our $1000 goal. In the scheme of things, it isn’t much, but I guess every little bit helps. I have a hard time asking people for money, so I figure if I can push myself out of my comfort zone even a little bit to help, that is a step.


One Response to “Falling into a rut”

  1. Hope things are going better as the weekend approaches! With RA I think we all get in a rut every now and then, whether we like it or not…this too will pass.

    Best wishes with reaching your fund raising goal for the walk!

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