Back at it


So today I was finally feeling normal and got back on the bike. I’m sure that will be helpful to get my energy and mood stabilized. Looks like I’m going to have to fit in x-rays and a podiatry appointment at some point this week or next. I also realized that I actually had a few more weeks of the vitamin D than I had expected. My doctor wanted me to get my blood work done right after I finished the 8 weeks worth of vitamin D and I had thought I had like 3 weeks worth when I was there. So I’m going to have to reschedule my appointment to mid-May instead of the beginning of May. And somehow juggle all this around my work schedule. Ugh. I hate having to do that. My last job had a four day week, which was much easier. I just always scheduled my many appointments when I had the day off. And I think I had less appointments then because I had been in treatment with all my providers for a while. Now that I’ve moved, it feels like I’ve started all over again in some ways.

I’ve got to remember to do all that tomorrow and not put it off. I have a habit of doing that and it just makes things worse.  But if I get it done, I know I will feel better about all this.


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