Life is a blur


I haven’t posted in so long because I have been extremely busy. Work obviously takes up the majority of my time, but I have been continuing on trying to stay active so in the evenings, besides working out I am often just resting and trying to recover from it. I can tell that my energy level is getting better, but this week has been a little harder.

I had been taking my pain meds to help me get active again and I stopped taking them this week. I find that the side effects are unpleasant and would prefer to take them as rarely as possible. However, I have been much more tired from working out this week. Maybe it is my body adjusting to being off the meds, but I made myself take yesterday off to get some rest.

My doctor sent me my blood work a week or two ago and I found out that I have very low vitamin D. Not sure what that is about, except that I haven’t been the best at taking my multivitamins the last two months. So, not only do I need to get back on track with that, but I’ve gotten two bonus vitamin D pills a week. Fun! At least my new Rheumatologist is thorough and proactive. 

She also had me go get my eyes check since I haven’t for a while. I used to do it yearly because I was on Plaquenil and that can have eye effects. But I have been off that drug for like 4 years and don’t have trouble with my vision. She told me that people with RA can have eye inflammation, something no one ever mentioned to me before. Is there anything this disease doesn’t screw up? Anyway, the visit to the ophthalmologist went well, he said my eyes look great and I have 20/20 vision. So at least something on my body works right.

I just get so sick of the endless appointments, calls to the insurance company and all the parts of dealing with the meds. Wouldn’t it be nice to just get to have a vacation from all of this? That isn’t being greedy. It isn’t asking for a cure. I just want a break. But that just doesn’t seem to be in the cards.


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