More rest, please.


Despite having noticeably more energy in the past week, I still feel like I never get enough down time. As part of my routine, I wake up an hour before I have to get ready in the morning to help myself wake up and feel ready for the day. I don’t have too much morning stiffness, but when I do this also helps have enough time to move around before I have to leave for work.

During the week I feel like I’m constantly at work or commuting and on the weekends it feels like I never have enough time. I think this is because I always seem to need one recharge day. That leaves only one more day to do chores or do something fun. It doesn’t feel like I have time for both. And it isn’t just a physical recharge, it is an emotional one as well. I could just be spending a laid back day with friends, but that didn’t give me time to mentally prepare for the week so I feel completely off. I think I need three day weekends.

Yesterday, my knees ached from biking on the stationary bike. That may also be contributing to my fatigue a bit. I’ve successfully stuck with working out the last few weeks and that often tires me out for a few weeks before I get the energy boost. I am very pleased with my determination in this area. I am also pleased with the fact that I paid attention enough to my body to put heat on this area and my knees feel wonderful today. Hurray for actually listening to my body! 

So things are going okay right now. I just need to keep up my momentum and not let myself get tucker out.


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