Starting again


About as long as I have had this chronic illness, it has been emphasized to me how important self-care is. I’ve been told that I need to eat right, I need to exercise, I need to get rest, I need to take my meds….the list goes on and on. My reactions to these instructions differ greatly. There are times when I have the drive to set goals and have enough self-discipline to follow through and take care of myself. There are many other times when I am depressed and tired and sit on the couch and do nothing.

Right now, I’m on the up swing. I have the energy to get active again and I am doing my best to take advantage of that. I have started exercising again. My husband got me a new bike for my birthday and I’ve started using that a few days a week. I’ve also added in my strength training. So far it is working. My energy seems to be up. My problem when I am in this place is that I try to do too much too fast and then I burn out. I end up tripping up my schedule and then stop everything all together. I’m hoping that if I use this blog to track my progress I will be able to better keep on track.

I also want to document those things that help me with the management of my disease. I often read many things about “beating arthritis” and “curing arthritis.” These articles and books make me feel like I’m a failure if I can’t make this disease go away. But the fact is that I don’t have control over that. What I can do is do my best to manage this disease. It has taken me a while to come to that realization and I still struggle with this idea. I’m hoping this blog can help me continue to grow and learn  how to best do this for myself.


One Response to “Starting again”

  1. 1 warrior2ra

    Way to go! I hope that you get to feeling a lot better really soon!

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